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The world is using too much electricity to store data. Coal and fossil fuel used in power generation are changing the atmosphere and polluting the lakes, rivers and oceans. Our mission is transformation of enterprise data centers to consume resources in an environmentally responsible manner by applying technology solutions to the storage and processing of data. We are designing, implementing and promoting cost effective storage and compute systems which reduce energy consumption by up to 80% while improving performance.

We are focused on providing the world's fastest and least costly highly secure data storage systems based on environmentally friendly designs.

Our engineering and storage implementation teams work diligently with IBM and other major vendors to design and implement complex enterprise storage projects including data replication, storage consolidation, storage virtualization, data migration, data and enterprise backup and recovery, data center workload relocation, encryption, secure erase, and AI-driven tiering of storage infrastructure. 

Team resume includes many recent mainframe, open, file and block data related projects completed. Data reduction techniques including deduplication, Real Time Compression. Storage cloud management, software defined storage. Operations, personnel and customers throughout the United States. 

IBM Corporation: Storage Advisory Council, various technical certifications, Premier Partner

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