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Our Service

Our engineering force will help you with your implementation or design projects. We have over 30 capable data storage engineers averaging over 30 years of experience who can assist with projects ranging from encryption, to storage virtualization, tape virtualization, disaster recovery, space and power reduction, performance enhancement, archival storage and more. Why devote, precision internal resources to unfamiliar projects when we have experience spanning hundreds of installations and can provide upto date methods, knowledge and guidance. 


Our engineers will come on site and turn every storage project from a difficult stressful situation into a relatively easy set of tasks using repeatable industry best practices and methods. Our skills span a range of environments including mainframe, open systems, disk, tape, flash, virtualization, replication, data center relocation, and inscription. Call us to discuss your next project.


If your need is immediate, please call one of our storage architect to discuss your project.

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